About Me

Hello, my name is Darrell Haire Jr. The most interesting story about me is that I'm not originally from Tennessee. I moved with my family to Tennesee on May 10, 2003, when I was still in elementary school. My family and I have been living here ever since then, living life and trying to make ends meet. It was somewhat hard to adjust to the different culture, atmosphere, and the people. It was a struggle to interact as well as fit in with people who come from different backgrounds. As I grew, getting through the educational system was as even harder considering I had a lot of variables going against me. Even so, I managed to get through everything and reached the endpoint, which is where I am today.

What I do

I'm a Gamer, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer. As a YouTube/Twitch streamer, I record gameplay of a specific video game and present it in a way that's entertaining to the viewers that watch while commentating my thoughts, facts, tidbits about the game I'm currently playing at the time. I also do the occasional stream where I play a game with a bunch of people or by myself and have reactions and moments live as they happen. I also am working a joint project with some associates to write, code, and develop a fantasy roleplaying game with its own original story, characters, world, etc. Being a gamer I'm highly adaptable and flexible in most situations. I can also work well in groups, cause teamwork is important in certain jobs. I'm also extremely creative, as well as being very organized because I don't work efficiently without some kind of organization. I am also the lead content creator for a collaboration YouTube Channel, which strengthens my leadership the skills I have.

Educational Background

My educational background consists of

Work History

I am.

Thank You

Thanks for visiting my website, and I hope that you contact me through social media or Email. You can also check out the content on my YouTube from my Media page or head to Twitch to see what I'm livestreaming!

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